Diagnosis & Treatment

Our treatment method is focussed on the balance of blood and energy (qi or chi in Chinese Medicine) in the whole body. Blood is essential to sustain our life. Blood carries nutrition and oxygen to the cells in our body and it also carries waste products away from the cells. Blood is important for our immune system and body temperature control.

Energy is also very important to sustain our life. This energy is the very moving force circulating blood in our body. When this energy is gone from the body, even though there is enough blood left in the body, we simply cannot survive.

Therefore, the balance of blood and energy in our whole body is the prime key to maintain good health. When our whole body is balanced, internal organs also function properly, because even internal organs are sustained by blood circulation.

Most patients have broken or disturbed balance due to wrong dieting, life styles, genetic factors, stress, weather and other environmental factors, etc.  When the balance is broken in our body, patients suffer from different kinds of health problems according to each individualís weak areas.

During the first consultation, we check this balance by feeling the patientís pulse. Then we can tell from what kind of problem the patient might be suffering from. Because we diagnose the patientís health problem without questioning the patient, this method is called ĎNo-Inquiry Diagnosisí. But that does not mean we do not listen to the patientís complaints relating to his disease or problems.  

Once the balance is corrected, the patientís pain is relieved and eventually completely gone. To reach this balance, we offer a special diet regimen, herbal medication along with acupuncture treatment. To get the right diet plan and herbal medication, the patient must visit one of our offices for a direct pulse reading. Sometimes patients call and request herbal medication. However, herbal medication made on the basis of solely the patientís symptoms can be inaccurate. Therefore, patients from a long distances are willing to fly to us for the initial pulse checkup. After the first visit, we can monitor the patientsí improvement through telephone contact and ship herbal medication.

When the correct balance is made in the whole body, often not just one health problem but other problems can inadvertantly be cured. For example, one patient flew from Alaska for her indigestion problem. When we cured her main indigestion problem, the tumor in her brain disappeared and her surgery plans cancelled, much to her and her surgeonís surprise.