Herbal Medication

All living things have energy (qi or chi) and each energy is different in direction and magnitude. Each herb and food also has different energy in direction and magnitude along with different characteristics.

Once the broken balance of the whole body is grasped, the next step is to find which food and herbs can be used.  Even though food is very important, the major power to cure the disease is in the herbs. Thus without herbal medication it is difficult to cure the disease.

Each patient has his own health problem, thus each patient will get his own custom-made herbal medication. When we make a prescription, we include all the problems the patient might have. This is a reason why the patientís several problems can be cured altogether.

However, some people have many concerns regarding herbal medication. They might assume that herbs are contaminated from chemical fertilizers and heavy metals, which can ruin the liver and kidneys. However, we use herbs from highly qualified herb dispensers strictly regulated and approved by the FDA. As long as the right prescription is used for herbal medication, it does not damage the liver or kidneys. Rather, many patients with liver and kidney problem have been helped through our herbal medication.

One example is the case of a patient who came to us for a chronic hepatitis A problem. She felt much better through the food diet, acupuncture and herbal medication. However, her medical doctor was concerned about her liver enzymes. AST and ALT figures were highly increased in her blood test. But she endured and continued our treatment and finally was relieved from hepatitis A. She was so happy and brought us the medical documents which showed the normal AST and ALT figures which concluded the hepatitis A problem had been cured.

To explain, our body cells are aged, they are destroyed naturally and replaced by new cells. Likewise, the aged liver cells are destroyed, then the liver enzymes in the aged liver cells enter into the blood stream and shown in blood tests.

Sometimes when we take herbal medication or herbal tea such as green tea,  liver enzymes can be increased in the liver cells, even though they do not hurt the liver cells. This phenomenon can happen with liver-fat or hepatitis patients.

Thus, even though normal amounts of aged liver cells are destroyed as a regular routine, the figures of AST and ALT in the blood can appear high. Hospital medical doctors might wonder whether too many liver cells are dying. If the patient feels worse and the figures of AST and ALT are high, other liver tests may have to be performed. However, if the patientís pulse and symptoms get better, the increased figures of AST and ALT are just a temporary phenomenon, and there should be no concerns because the underlying issue will be resolved if treatment is continued.