Introduction of Revival Health Center

Richard C. Choe, Director and Chief Licensed Acupuncturist, graduated as valedictorian from South Baylo University, which is one of the most prominent acupuncture colleges in America and located in Los Angeles, California. Subsequent to  his graduation, he taught Traditional Chinese Medicine and Herbology at several Los Angeles area colleges. In time he left the professor position, because he became very busy treating patients in his own practice.

Several leading newspapers have published articles about him as shown in our office hallway for the past twenty years. Even though we seldom use commercial advertisement, patients hear about us by word of mouth. Thus, patients come to us not just from California but also from over twenty different states. They visit us and often get treatment while staying in local hotels. They continue to get their herbal medication by shipment after they return home. Some patients fly from Canada, Mexico, the Bahamas, Europe and South Korea. Our patients make international groups.

We have been able to help patients with various kinds of  heath problems. Many patients have improved after our treatment. Many stop taking pills for high blood pressure, diabetes, etc. Some patients suffering from herniated disk, TMJ, or tumors have been healed without surgery through our treatment. Some cancer patients going though radiation therapy in the hospital were able to reduce pain and maintain better energy level by receiving parallel treatment through us.

Patients with menstruation pain, hot flashes and frozen shoulder have also been helped. Some patients with infertility issues were able to have a baby. Even chronic fatigue, depression, insomnia, drug addiction, obesity and other weight issues, skin problems and allergies have been successfully treated. Patients with blood related illnesses have been helped as well.  Several patients with white blood cell problems were healed and patients with low blood platelet levels raised their count to normal.

Sometimes multiple ailments of patients are cured altogether. One time an overwight disk patient visited our office with two men at each side for support. She received our treatment and lost over one hundred pounds. She was vey happy with the result saying, “Finally I came to be smaller than my husband!”. In addition, her disk pain is gone and her blood pressure lowered and her uterus tumor disappeared. Even her glaucoma was healed and her eye doctor stated to her, “It is a miracle!.”

Her daughter was suffering from kidney disease. And her medical doctor recommended dialysis. However, after our treatment her kidney function was fully recovered. Her doctor was also quite impressed and showed keen interest in our treatment.